Path-Breaking Quantum Leap in Stationary Processing Technology

14. August 2018

SBM Engineers Quantum Leap in Stationary Processing Technology

SBM Mineral Processing GmbH shows what is possible today and will be absolutely necessary in the future with construction material recycling for the company Wilhelm Büchel AG. Throughout Europe, industrial society is facing enormous challenges in the building industry. In many booming markets in Europe the apparently almost limitless construction volume meets the necessity to prudently use mineral raw materials. Today, it becomes more and more essential to focus on mineral processing and recycling of construction materials. In close co-operation with the client the SBM engineers managed to design a processing plant for recycling material that represents a real quantum-leap for the efficient use of resources.

Fulfilling all Requirements

Precision and highly-efficient implementation combined with a perfectly harmonised flow of operation make the difference. SBM fitted together the complete technological equipment of the plant with the precision of a clockwork, and the client gave this processing procedure a special name: BUREMA (BUechel-REcycling-MAchine). The name says it all, as the whole extremely complex plant works like a perfectly matched homogenous machine.

The plant was an immediate success working extremely profitably for Wilhelm Büchel AG right from the start. The responsible persons of Wilhelm Büchel AG confirm: “Our objectives have been completely achieved, material re-integration into the concrete production cycle comes to almost 100 %.“ Everybody was very impressed by the top quality of the final products: “Today we can justifiably call the output of BUREMA secondary raw materials; previous definition restrictions of recycling materials are not valid any more”, says Mario Schweizer, Sales Expert at SBM. All relevant physical and chemical properties of the raw gravel coming from BUREMA correspond to appropriate products made of primary raw materials. The high and reliably consistent quality has also convinced the approval authorities.

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