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20 Years EUROMIX®


What began 20 years ago has become a story of unparalleled success. The supermobile concrete mixing plant EUROMIX® made by SBM Mineral Processing celebrates its 20th anniversary. And with good reason, as numerous highlights mark its successful career.

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Asamer Kies- und Betonwerke GmbH


The company Asamer is our EUROMIX® customer from day one! In 1998, the first plant was constructed for this client to renew the motorway A1 between Salzburg and Vienna. And exactly this plant is still working successfully today! At peak times, some 20 EUROMIX® plants are operating for the company Asamer worldwide.

Kies Beton Krebs GmbH & Co. KG


Whether the U4 of Hamburg Hafencity, the Westre wind farm or numerous airport projects - KBK promises its customers full flexibility and the shortest possible changeover times for the mixing plant. We are particularly pleased that SBM is the perfect partner for these tasks.. One of the current top projects in Germany is the noise protection tunnel Hamburg/Stellingen, where the 8-lane motorway A7 leads through a tunnel between residential areas. Until 2019, a EUROMIX® 3300 will ensure highest concrete quality with an output of up to 145 m³/h.

Mobile Betonkonzepte GmbH

Austria, Germany

MBK (meaning “Mobile Betonkonzepte“) is a long-time customer of SBM. Currently, 15 powerful mobile EUROMIX® concrete mixing plants are working for MBK on well-known construction sites: FAIR Darmstadt, Brenner Base Tunnel, Semmering Base Tunnel or Centre at Erzberg. The plants at MBK are producing some 900,000 m³ high-quality concrete per year.



If additional production capacities are asked for, EUROMIX® 3300 SM is a reliable partner – as in the case of NAST-BUD in Poland. An SBM EUROMIX® was to extend a stationary works by producing the required ready-mixed concrete for the new construction of warehouses. High mobility and top performance were convincing features for NAST-BUD.

Metrostav a.s.

Czech Republic

A EUROMIX® 3000 CC+ and a EUROMIX® 2000 ECO have been producing concrete to renovate the motorway D1 between Prague and Brno at full speed since springtime 2016. Ing. Pavel Kout, deputy director division 4: ”At every moment of the contract with SBM - whether it was the overall technical solution of the new mobile concrete plants, or requests for additional editing, then actual delivery - we always met with willingness, care and knowledge of detail.”

CEMEX Polska Sp.z.o.o.


„6 x Just-in-Time = EUROMIX®“. That’s the formula for the 6 EUROMIX® plants achieving an exceptional performance on numerous well-known construction sites all over Poland. Especially when it comes to road construction, it’s worthwhile looking at the figures. The extremely low transportation costs of the SBM plant are unbeatable.

Waibel KG


Extremely flexible installation possibilities and high mobility were the decisive factors to choose a mixing plant for the company Waibel Beton. And so, it was a logical decision to opt for a EUROMIX® made by SBM. This plant produces ready-mixed concrete in the Frankfurt port.



Full capacity in icy chill – that’s how the extreme operating conditions in most Russian regions can be described. The company Transstrojmechanisazia has five EUROMIX® plants. Two super mobile mixing plants type 4000 SM achieving an output capacity of up to 170m³ hardened concrete per hour per plant are working for the construction of the airport in Norilsk, Siberia.

TRANS-AM Spólka Jawna


Whether it’s the motorway project Gdansk or the construction of the NATO airport in Lask, a EUROMIX® is always involved. Trans-AM, a mobile concrete producer focussing on road construction, owns a EUROMIX® 3000 and 4000. This company might well lead the way as to transferring and installing our plants on its own. Congratulations!

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