SBM concrete mixing plant number 7 for SWEROCK

28. October 2020

LINEMIX® 4000 CM-B proves its production reliability at all temperatures in Sweden

By commissioning the third LINEMIX® 4000 CM-B in a row, the Swedish building firm SWEROCK once again relies on Austrian concrete mixing technology. The integrated Polarmatic heating system facilitates the production and reprocessing of concrete even in Nordic winters. SWEROCK, one of the biggest construction companies in Sweden, attaches great importance to sturdy, flexible, and powerful plants. In SBM SWEROCK has found a dependable partner to produce ready-mixed concrete.

For SWEROCK it was especially important to be able to handle construction projects of all sizes with this new concrete mixing plant, as SWEROCK builds everything from detached houses to major industrial projects. With a hardened concrete output of up to 170 m3 per hour and an aggregate storage capacity of 280 m³ even production peaks are easily coped with. The fixed installation of the principally mobile plant in an open-space area in Skara ensures short transport routes to the various building sites and thus increases the production capacities of the building company for the West Region.

From installation to operation in seven weeks only

The installation of the plant was completely carried out by SBM Mineral Processing – from overall responsibility to manpower. Ulf Knutsson, regional manager of the West Region at SWEROCK, praises the “so-far best” installation organisation on site: “SBM provided qualified and friendly technicians and electricians for the installation. Due to the excellent English language skills of the staff, communication was simple and easy, and the plant could be installed very quickly.” Knutsson appreciates the good and interesting discussions and SBM’s ability to listen and to find the best possible solution for the client’s ideas. The new high-performance plant could come into operation after only seven weeks.

All year round and sustainable: the heating system is a real asset

In co-operation with the Finnish company Polarmatic Oy the plant LINEMIX® 4000 CM-B was prepared for year-round operation. The integrated heating system ensures that even at freezing temperatures all components have the right temperature assuring the continuous production of high-quality concrete during the cold season. Offering an efficient heating solution in this dimension is just as remarkable as its contribution to sustainability.

LINEMIX® 4000: profitability, easy maintenance, lasting value

Since 2016, SWEROCK has been appreciating the concrete technology competence of SBM Mineral Processing: from the complete range of products and services to the modular design through to the easy and simple maintenance of the plants. Due to the modular construction system of SBM, the plant can at any time be adapted to either meet changing requirements or to expand the plant by additional modules, if necessary. “SWEROCK is continuously growing,” explains SBM project manager Gerhard Mittendorfer: “LINEMIX® 4000 is already our seventh plant in use at SWEROCK. In concrete mixing technology we have become the exclusive partner for SWEROCK. This certainly confirms our excellent co-operation.” Investing in quality does not only pay off in daily operation. It is also worthwhile thanks to the long-lasting value as this new plant will probably render good services for the next 25 years to come.

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