SBM: Ideal Partner for RCC Dam Construction

12. October 2015

The complete tailor made solution from one hand

RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) dams are constructed all over the world and require reliable high-end standards concerning concrete quality, output capacity, concrete temperature and availability even under extreme climatic and environmental conditions. Due to its high-quality products and decades of experience in concrete technology and mineral processing technology, the Austrian all-in supplier SBM Mineral Processing is the ideal choice for this difficult task.

Hardly any field of application involves higher demands on material and handling than building RCC dam walls. SBM Mineral Processing offers the complete production chain from one handstarting from the processing of the mineral raw material to producing and handling the RCC concrete.

Everything from one hand to Ensure Smooth Operation

Depending on the requirements the necessary plant components can be chosen from the comprehensive SBM portfolio just like a modular system. For example, the optimum plant will be put together individually depending on the stone types to be processed, the required concrete output, the distance to the dam (the site) or the required availability. The SBM experts work hand in hand to ensure a seamlessly integrated production chain and perfectly matched interfaces; a perfectly coordinated system for the client.

SBM Production Chain

  • Crushing
  • Classifying
  • Conveying
  • Stockpiling
  • Washing
  • Dewatering
  • Cooling
  • Concrete mixing
  • Concrete delivery

Mineral Processing

For a concrete production of 900 m³/h the required quantity of 2,000 t/h semi-hard and hard stone raw material is crushed by e.g. jaw crushers and cone crushers, classified separately by screens and conveyed to the respective storage silos where the different quantities and grain sizes are retrieved for mixing. Two production lines (double line processing) ensure permanent availability of all mixing additives.

Stationary Plants

  • Customised solutions
  • Decades of process know-how
  • Perfect project management
  • Capacity up to 3,000 t/h

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plants

  • Diesel-electric drive concept
  • Various transport possibilities
  • Capacity up to 1,000 t/h
  • Plant weight up to 175 tons

Concrete Technology

For the concrete mixing process the systems are also combined in a modular way. In this case the mobile SBM concrete mixing plants VARIOMIX® and LINEMIX®have proven highly effective. They offer many advantages such as e.g. high flexibility of the mixer sizes (2.25 m³ up to 6 m³) or storage of the aggregates, short delivery and assembly times as well as international transport dimensions, to mention just a few. Last but not least the reusability of the plants for follow-up projects is worth mentioning.

High-quality RCC concrete requires exact temperature regulation during concrete production. During the mixing process, cooling is carried out by cold water or by adding ice. Additionally, a cooling system for the aggregates can be integrated which is achieved by cold water on conveyor belts, in storage silos or additionally by cold air in silos.

Depending on the distance the ready-to-use concrete is delivered to the place of destination by dumper trucks, high-speed conveyor belts, vacuum chutes or cable cranes. Here the delivery speed is of great importance as repeated warming up of the concrete results in high energy loss.

Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants

  • Modular design for highest flexibility
  • International transport dimensions
  • Capacity of up to 1,000 m³ hardened concrete per hour
  • Enormous performance
  • Reliable concrete production due to double line processing
  • Safe investment due to high profitability
  • Eco-friendly due to short transport distances

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