You are looking for a semi-mobile concrete mixing plant and are placing high demands on quality, working comfort and safety?
You are planning an appealing ready-mixed concrete plant without substantial up-front investments in development and infrastructure?
You have been relying on modular designs for a long time and now you are looking for even more flexibility, profitability, and efficiency?

Then you are absolutely right with DYNAMIX® 2500! Our new premium concept combines high functionality with an attractive appearance in its revolutionary design. Whether efficient indoor or building site solutions, profitable complete lines with modern material logistics in the smallest of spaces, or weatherproof all-year-round applications in a sensitive neighbourhood - DYNAMIX® meets all possible requirements.

The basic model DYNAMIX® Standard with proven mixing technology can be upgraded and customised with application-specific equipment packages from the SBM programme. For the winter cladding we are also using modern light panels with high insulation values for the first time. This directly saves energy for illumination and heating.
Of course, DYNAMIX® also offers everything that distinguishes our highly flexible SBM concrete mixing plants: minimal effort required for transport and assembly, long-term value preservation due to high-quality workmanship and modular retrofitting and expansion for years to come.

Energy efficiency
In the fully cladded winter version, high-quality ISO wall and polycarbonate panels provide high thermal insulation (U-value of 1.1 W/m²K) for all-year-round operation, even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

Reduced maintenance times
The newly developed SBM high-pressure cleaning system as well as optimum access to mixer- and weighing platform reduce the necessary service works to a minimum.

Highest Quality
„Whether galvanised or painted“ - our high-quality materials guarantee a long-lasting and above all safe investment.

Economic benefits
The basic version of the DYNAMIX® mixing unit is delivered to your site as one single pre-wired and tested transport unit. This enables operational time and money savings in both transport and


DYNAMIX® [CM] 2500
Output capacity of hardened concrete (m³/h) 115
Mixer output capacity of hardened concrete (m³/batch) 2,50

Equipement Packages

DYNAMIX® Standard
Basic equipment in pre-installed modular design and proven SBM-made quality including extensive standard equipment –  optimised for fast relocations or indoor operation.

The summer version supplements the basic equipment with a widely overhanging weather roof and extended service accessibility around the weighing platform.

Behind the attractive enclosure made of robust ISO wall and light panels lies the assurance of smooth operation even in freezing conditions; and the innovative design is a visual highlight on any construction site.

  • Maximum flexibility for your mobile or stationary application
  • Optional high-end comfort features
  • Quality and function meet innovative design
  • 24/7 concrete production, whether in freezing cold or sweltering heat