VARIOMIX 2500 CM 400 V


The container-mobile series VARIOMIX®  is a real pro for urban construction sites. It requires little space, offers highest performance and can be set-up at any site accessible for lorries. It is very versatile and offers e.g. three parallel concrete discharge points for truck-mixer, crane bucket feed and concrete pump. 

Thanks to additional modules, aggregates storage can be easily expanded from 4 chambers with a capacity of 200 m3 in total to 10 chambers with 500 m3 in total. The same applies to binder storage which can be expanded from 2 cement silos with a capacity of 90 tons in total to 6 cement silos with a total capacity of 390 tons. Thus it is easily adaptable for any project.

VARIOMIX® 1200 2000 2500
Output capacity of hardened concrete [m³/h] 50 90 115
Mixer output of hardened concrete [m³/batch] 1.25 2.00 2.50
Filling volume mixer [l/batch] 1880 3000 3750

  • Installation with one crane within one work day
  • Ready-for-use transport units with plug-in connections
  • Microprocessor control acc. to EN206
  • Modularly expandable